“Chairs Missing” Studio 10, Brooklyn

“Phone Phase” (with Teto Elsiddique) San Geronimo Non-Expo, San Geronimo

“Red Planet” (with James Miller) Basement Projects

“Four Years” University of Redlands, Redlands

“The Plates of the Present” (group) Galerie Praz-Delavallade, Paris

“Tightrope Walking” (group) Studio 10, Brooklyn

“sorry, I’ve been trying to teach a peacock how to act…” Rachel Uffner Gallery, New York

“Belief System” Soloway, Brooklyn

“Clouds” (group) Lesley Heller, New York

“Uncorrected Proofs” Illinois State University, Normal

“Grand Tour, Low Cost” (group) Spazio Morris, Milan

“You Must Change Your Life” Soloway, Brooklyn

“True Flags” Ohio State University, Columbus

“Green River” Murray Guy, New York